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World Explorers BLM

World Explorers BLM
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For Ages: 10+ years    (Hard Copy Price: $26.95 incl. postage)

The activities in this package involve the use and extension of "thinking" strategies such as Mind Mapping®, brainstorming, problem reversal, lateral thinking and forced analogies. The tasks are designed to enhance the development of cognitive and affective processes such as risk taking, applied imagination, originality, curiosity, flexibility and elaboration.

This Blackline Masters book contains a set of task cards ideally suited to a library learning centre. The cards are designed to promote the use of creative thinking skills based around the topic of world exploration and are to be used in conjunction with the above World Explorers Resource Book.

World exploration is a fascinating topic where students can travel across the globe and through the ages, developing an insight into the expansion of the human race.

This activity book provides springboards for students to launch into unchartered waters and challenge their thinking by exploring alternative solutions and creating new designs for problems of the past. With dilemmas that encourage students to place themselves in the shoes of their exploring ancestors as well as addressing indigenous rights, the book presents a range of perspectives to "broaden the horizons" of students through a range of entertaining, thought-provoking tasks.

Author: Sandy Tasker

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